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Walk On Program Opportunities and Pricing

Do you want to golf, but don’t want to commit to a full season?
Are you on a league but looking for more opportunities to golf?

The Walk-On Player Program allows you, as a member, to register to golf at any of the available leagues. Play as often as you like. You can register as late as the morning of the day you want to golf.  If you decide the weather is just too great not to be on the course, you just Pick It - Click It - Pay It - Play It.

  1. Pick It - Look at the list below to find and pick the league on which you want to play.
  2. Click It - Click on the 'Register Button' and complete the registration form.  Select the day or days that you want to walk on.  (if you select a date in the future and play is postponed due to weather or other reasons, you will play on the rescheduled day, refunds will not be issued)
  3. Pay It - Complete your registration by paying on line.
  4. Play It - Show up at the course and play with the league that you selected.  The Walk On Program administrator will contact the captain to let her know you'll join the group for the round.  Bring your confirmation email with you just to be on the safe side.

If you have and questions or need more information, contact the administrator Kerri Donnelly at kdonnelly0514@yahoo.com
This program gives you an opportunity to play new courses, meet new people and have new experiences.  Enjoy each course and experience.


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