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The Best Women's Golf Instruction Program in NJ
WGANJ provides a comprehensive program for the beginner golfer who has very limited or no experience playing golf. Instruction is provided by PGA and LPGA teaching professionals who have worked with WGANJ to create a program that provides a friendly and fun environment to learn golf.  Our beginner program includes lessons offered either at local golf courses or at a learning center facility. Lessons include instruction in swing mechanics, the basics of the short game, as well as, golf etiquette, course management and rules. Our program also includes an introduction to course play with experienced mentors.  This combination of lessons and introduction to course play has proven successful in the development of a newcomers golf game.

A Beginner Golf Outing concludes the season to give you a chance to show off what you have learned.

Our Club Loaner Program helps you get started even if you don't own clubs yet.
Beginner Golfer Programs are offered at:
  • Paramus Golf Course, Paramus, NJ 
  • Preakness Valley Golf Course, Wayne, NJ
  • Galloping Hills Learning Center, Kenilworth, NJ
  • Spook Rock, Ramapo, NY
  • Rock Spring, West Orange, NJ
  • Knoll East Golf Course, Boonton, NJ

Check out the individual leagues on the Leagues page. Click here.

Want to Learn More?

 Additional lessons available directly with the Pros

You can continue your golfing experience by taking additional lessons with one of our golf pros or participate in additional Golf Course Play Opportunities. 

Keep an eye on your email for details of clinics as they become available. 

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