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The Officers

BethAnn Iapicco,

BethAnn Iapicco has been President of WGANJ since 2012.With each passing
year she continues to be excited about WGANJ, the members,and the growth of the
organization as more women enter the golfing community.She is proud to continue the
mission of WGANJ by offering the best golf opportunities for women in NJ.BethAnn works
closely with Beginner Programs and loves seeing a member go from being a non-golfer to
playing on the course in the span of one season.She encourages members to play a variety
of courses and keep challenging themselves.

Valerie Oakes-Locascio,

Vice President

Valerie Oakes-Locascio joined WGANJ in 2004 at the urging of her
husband.She enjoyed meeting new friends and quickly became involved with the Board of
Directors. Holding positions in Finance, Leagues/Education and now Vice President, Val has
developed a broad base of experience to prepare her for future growth.She has also served
as Captain of a Thursday league for many years and enjoys the social aspects of golf. Valerie
looks forward to continuing as Vice President as the organization continues to grow and thrive.

Mary Ann Beltz,
Marketing & Sponsorship Officer

Mary Ann Beltz joined WGANJ in 2015 at the Galloping Hills Golf Course and
quickly immersed herself into the organization by joining the Marketing/Sponsorship team.
Mary Ann's sponsorship efforts have helped WGANJ to subsidize events for members.
Growing into the position of Marketing/Sponsorship Officer in 2020 allowed Mary Ann to explore new opportunities in Marketing & Sponsorship to help WGANJ reach new geographic areas and introduce more NJ women to WGANJ. She enjoys golfing at various courses with a variety of partners to develop her game and improve her skills.

Kerri Donnelly,
Logistics Officer

Kerri Donnelly joined WGANJ in 2008 and immediately began attending Board
meetings. She quickly became involved as a volunteer and joined the Board in 2009 serving in various positions including Leagues Director, Events & Store Officer, Membership Officer
and in 2021 became the Logistics Officer. Kerri has participated in the travel leagues for years and has been captain of that and other leagues since 2009.

Pat O'Rourke,
Finance Officer

Pat O’Rourke joined WGANJ in August of 2017 and played in Paramus as a walk-
on after not playing for over 7 years. In her first round, she surprised herself with a hole-in-one. She volunteered as much as possible and began attending monthly meetings. She was quickly invited to join the Finance Committee as Director and elevated to the position of Officer in 2022. "I joined WGANJ to meet nice people, have fun and be outside. I have
not been disappointed.”
Juliet Sisti,
Leagues and Education Officer

Juliet has been a member of WGANJ since its inception. She has served on the Executive Council in several positions, including Co-Chairperson, Director and Chairperson of Education and Instruction. Juliet created our Beginners Program and has to built it to a level unmatched by any other golf organizations in New Jersey.Juliet is also responsible for the addition of several league offerings in 2022.


Karen Mazowiecki,
Operations Officer

Karen Mazowiecki joined WGANJ in 2015 as an advanced beginner and quickly began volunteering at events. In 2017 she became the co-captain and now
captains her own league each year. Realizing what a great organization WGANJ is, she joined the Board of Directors as the Communications Director in 2018 and grew into the
position of Operations Officer overseeing the website, app and email communications. In any spare time after work and golf, Karen enjoys time with her family, bicycling and doing

Pat Fitzsimons,
Events Officer

Pat Fitzsimons joined WGANJ in 2021 playing on a Tuesday and Travel leagues.Her goal was to play golf regularly, meet women golfers and have fun.She quickly found that WGANJ offered so much more than golf. After realizing WGANJ is a fully volunteer organization, she volunteered whenever possible and in 2022 became Director of Finance, mentor, and league captain. Pat enjoys meeting new people and helping others enjoy the game as much as she does. She is excited about becoming the Event/Store Officer in 2023 and feels this is the right position for her to continue her WGANJ volunteerism.

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