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Defining Your Golfing Level 

Don't know which league to select? Are you a beginner, advanced beginner, an experienced golfer with years of golf experience or a competitive player?  We have created the following definitions to help you determine which league is best suited to your playing ability, to ensure a great golfing experience.


You are a Beginner Golfer if you are new to the game, haven't played and have not taken lessons.  WGANJ offers a comprehensive program tailored to fit the needs of the brand new golfer with instruction by PGA/LPGA Professionals and time on the course.  We foster a sense of community and allow you to learn at your pace in a safe, judgment free environment.

If you don't want to commit to buying clubs we have a Club Loaner Program that will lend you almost everything you need to get started.   



The Advanced Beginner Golfer may have completed the BEGINNER PROGRAM, had a few lessons or played a little Pitch and Putt. If you know the basics of the swing and the game, but are still not quite comfortable on the course, this is probably the program that will work for you.  These leagues offer instruction during a 14 or 15 week season to give you time to work on your skills while becoming more comfortable navigating the course.  As an Advanced Beginner, you probably aren't keeping score.  On the course, you may elect to play a scramble or best ball format with your group in order to  maintain a standard Pace of Play  of 2:15 for 9 holes or 4:30 for 18 holes.



This is where the majority of our golfers feel most comfortable. Two-thirds of our leagues accommodate the General Golfer.  If you have been playing golf for a number of years, can follow the rules of etiquette and the game and keep your score when you play, you belong in this very popular group.  The General Golfer understands the importance of Pace of Play and moves through the course at a pace of 2:15 for 9 holes or 4:30 for 18 holes.  The General Golfer usually scores between 105-135 in an 18 hole round and may or may not maintain a handicap.



The Intermediate Golfer is fearless!  She is confident about playing on different of courses with different people.   She not only keeps her score but posts it in the GHIN system and works to improve her handicap.  She counts all strokes, counts penalties, knows the importance of keeping Pace of Play and finishes rounds in 2:15 for 9 holes or 4:30 for 18 holes.  The Intermediate Golfer maintains a handicap index of 35 or better and usually scores 95-115 in an 18 hole round.



This is WGANJ's elite level of golfer.  This golfer not only follows the rules and posts all scores, she strategizes and plans her shots based on the lie and yardage left for the next shot.  The Advanced Competitive Golfer has a handicap index of 28 or better, posts every score and joins competitive tournaments.

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