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Club Loaner Program

Interested in learning to golf but don’t have clubs to get started?

Wish you could join a league but don’t want to incur the investment of buying clubs at the start?

Have a friend that wants to join your league but doesn’t have clubs?

Borrow Clubs and Hit the Links.

How the program works:

  • WGANJ members donate their older clubs sets or single clubs
  • New WGANJ members borrow clubs – women that want to golf but don‘t have clubs can
    borrow them (and other equipment) and try out the sport.
  • Return of clubs – when you’re finished with the clubs and other equipment for the season, return them to us so someone else can try them next season!

Help someone get started in the game, we need your old clubs.


If interested in borrowing, donating or lending clubs please contact Denise at 

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