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Flexibility, Great Options, Improved Substitute and Walk-On Player Programs

WGANJ offers many playing options to provide flexibility and opportunities to assure that we get as many women as possible out on the golf course. Membership in WGANJ is required to participate.

League Play

Beginner, Advanced Beginner, General, Intermediate, Advanced Leagues are available.  Travel Leagues offer members an opportunity to play a variety of courses.  There are leagues available from 7 weeks to 15 weeks according to our members interests.

WGANJ has added information to General and Intermediate league descriptions to help you select the league that is right for you.

Beginner Friendly – This league is open to all golfers and welcomes those that have completed Beginner and/or Advanced Beginner leagues. You may pick up the ball to speed the pace of play. Players may choose to play in a scramble format.  Pairings in this league would best be determined by each player’s confidence and ability so that all members enjoy their round.

­Social Golfer – Players may or may not keep a score. This group is purely interested in playing a round of golf with friends and may not want to be paired up with others.  Members of this league are comfortable on the course and maintain pace of play while socializing on the course.  

Handicap Seekers – This league is open to golfers who are becoming more serious about their game and are working to attain a handicap.  All rounds are scored and recorded in GHIN.  In this league, members are expected to mix up foursomes and play with various members of the league.

Serious Social Golfer – Players always keep a score. This group strives to get through nine holes in 2:15 and follows most rules but also enjoys their round of golf with friends and may not want to be paired up with others.  Members of this league are comfortable on the course and maintain pace of play.   

Handicap Improvers – This league is open to golfers who are serious about their game.  They already maintain a handicap index and are working to lower it.  All scores will be recorded.  Members of this league may walk onto the Intermediate League periodically to test their skill and see if they are ready to step up.

Substitute Program

Do you want to register as a substitute for others to contact? Are you looking for a substitute to fill your spot? The Substitute program will suit your needs.  Now you may register as a substitute for the league of your choice.  Sign up for several leagues if you prefer.

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Walk-On Player Program      

Do you want to golf without wondering if somebody needs a substitute?  If you can't commit to a full season, or want more opportunities to golf, the Walk-On Player program suits your needs.

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Beginner Golfer Program & Advanced Beginner Program

Learn to Play. 
We provide a friendly and fun way to learn how to play golf - from what equipment you will need to get on the course, to lessons with LPGA and/or PGA golf professionals, to playing 9 holes of golf! Learn more about our Beginner Golf Program.

Learn to Play Better.
For the golfer who has taken lessons and can go on the course but feels that they want to learn "more", WGANJ offers the Advanced Beginner Program for you!

Travel League Program
Play Courses throughout the Metro Area. 
Intermediate League options weekday and weekend.
Advanced League plays on weekends.

Our Travel Leagues provide participants the opportunity to play 18 holes of golf at a variety of great courses throughout the NY/NJ Metro Region. Play days typically are offered 6-8 times throughout the season. Currently league offerings:
  • Intermediate Travel league - players generally score 100-115.  A USGA handicap (35 or better) is encouraged, but not required.  
  • Advanced Travel League - members are expected to have a USGA handicap of 28 or lower and are looking to play in a competitive but fun environment.  Play days include competitions, prizes, awards, fun and friends.  
Select the play days you want to golf, register, make payment and show up to play...it's that easy!
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