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The Directors

Lynne Roe,

Board Secretary

Lynne is a new member of WGANJ having joined in 2023.  While she has played golf off and on for the past 40 years, she feels that her golf has greatly improved this past year due to the many WGANJ events that have kept her playing all year long.  Lynne is the owner of LSR Consultants.  As a business coach, she works with business owners to scale their businesses while still having time for other things in their life - like golf!  She is looking forward to another year of fun and getting to know many more members.

Linda Davidson

WGANJ Store Director

Linda  is a Registered  Nurse and currently  works for Atlantic   Health  Systems. Linda has  twin daughters  that she enjoys hiking and being outdoors with. Linda joined WGANJ in 2013 and played in the Thursday  night  league  in Paramus.  For the last several years Linda had been  a member of the weekend  travel league.  Through  WGANJ  Linda  has met new friends to play  golf with and  enjoyed  many of the Spring and Fall  WGANJ trips. 

Rose Barnabic,
Leagues Director

Rose Barnabic was introduced to golf by her mom but put it aside until her youngest left for college. Recently retired from a career in financial services, she now operates a small business that creates custom golf accessories for women and Pro Shops. Within WGANJ, she is responsible for building and maintaining the spreadsheets used in tracking the leagues. WGANJ has enabled her to meet many women golfers.

Dani Richards

Director of Social Media

Dani Richards is a captain of an intermediate league and former Board Secretary, and values the friends she has made since joining WGANJ in 2016. In her new role as Social Media Director, she will work with marketing and communications to build WGANJ engagement on social media.   She is the owner of Danielle Richards Photography, LLC,  specializing in event and portrait photography, and is a licensed drone pilot.  She is also the founder of Bestie Booth, which provides photo booths for corporate and private events.

Christa Breen

Director of Handicaps & Captains / Info Line

Christa Breen works full time as a healthcare consultant and has been an active member of WGANJ since 2014. WGANJ has given her the opportunity to meet great new friends and be able to share memorable experiences with people who have the same interests.

She loves playing in her weekly league and has been a Board Member for several years, holding multiple titles including Director of Captains and now also manages the Communication Hotline for our members. She enjoys being part of a group who cares about the future of women's golf and wants to offer opportunities for others to explore as well.


Liz Heller

Director of Education

Liz joined WGANJ in 2009 after reading an ad in her local newspaper. She had just lost her mother and she always loved to golf so despite never picking up a golf club before Liz joined in honor of her mother. 

"I will never forget my first time on a course, at the first tee in Paramus, I saw the flag and thought to myself I have to hit the ball where? Since then I have attended many great outings, clinics and social gatherings and acted as Captain. I am still working on improving on my game and enjoying every minute of it.  I have met some amazing women who work very hard to run this great organization and am now proud to be part of."

Liz is employed in the field of workers compensation insurance as a senior claims specialist and look forward to retirement and more golf time.

Susan Amdur-Coburn

Communications Director

Sue has been a member of WGANJ since 2016 when she decided to look for more opportunities to play golf. She started out by joining one of the golf leagues, which turned out to be a great experience. Sue decided to volunteer with the WGANJ Board in order to give back to the organization and serves in the role as Communications Director. Sue owns her own business providing operations and administrative support to small businesses. Aside from golf, Sue enjoys gardening and playing pickleball.

Jane Litwinka,
Member Database Director

Jane is currently enjoying retirement.  Previously she worked for Honeywell for over 38 years most recently in the position of Information Technology Project Manager. She moved from Bergen County to West Milford, NJ in 2004 to live on a small lake. Jane has been a member of WGANJ since its inception and has served on the board since 2007. She is Co-Captain of the WGANJ Monday league at Bowling Green.

WGANJ is a great place to meet new friends and have fun!

Joanna Castellano,
Website/App Director

Joanna joined WGANJ in 2020 to meet other women golfers and have the opportunity to explore new courses. Despite the late start of the season, both of these goals were reached with several new golf friends and new courses played.

Knowing what it takes people to have an organization run smoothly, Joanna is volunteering to help with the website.

Having spent 40 years as an Electrical Engineer in the telecommunications field she now keeps busy with yoga, pottery, gardening, skiing, recently knitting, and of course, golf.

Patty Halpin

Finance Director

Patty Halpin joined WGANJ in 2022 to take lessons, improve her golf game, and to meet women with similar interests.  Previously she had mostly played golf with her sons.  She joined the advanced/beginner league at Spook Rock and volunteered as a captain.  It was a great season and she enjoyed making new friends.  In 2023, Patty was recruited to use her experience in Finance and Business Development to serve as Co-Finance Director.  She looks forward to another year of fun on the golf course and continued success for WGANJ.

Martha Bauer

Finance  Director 


Jeanne Vanrell,

Volunteer Director

Married to Jason Vanrell since 2006, moved to Teaneck, NJ in Summer of 2017 and joined WGANJ in 2018.   She works full time for Verizon and has been playing golf since her early twenties.  She took a 15-year hiatus until moving to Teaneck.  She began volunteering with WGANJ in 2019 and is now Director for Volunteers in 2024.

Belle Degenaars

Director of Leagues

Belle has been playing golf for four years, and enjoys playing with the women she’s met in WGANJ, as well as with her husband and friends. She likes to play in Northern New Jersey and at the Jersey Shore over the summer. Belle is a Registered Nurse, although she is semi-retired. She is most passionate about oil painting. Her latest project is painting the goings on in the New York City neighborhood where her two children live and a painting of the National Book Festival.

Natalie Kavanaugh

Director of Leagues

Denise Colaitis,

Club Loaner/Other

Denise Colaitis was introduced to golf by her two sons, who took her to the driving range one day for fun!  She enjoyed it so much, she joined WGANJ in 2018 to learn the sport and meet other women who share the same interest.   Responding to a request Denise became involved in the club loaner program for new golfers.   She works in the financial end of the fashion industry for over 35 years.    Being involved in WGANJ has offered the opportunity to meet other golfers, make new friends and be involved in an sport she loves, she even convinced some friends to take up golf and now they are members as well!

Cindy Parnes

Director of Events

Cindy always enjoyed both watching and participating in sports. In 2015 she was looking for a way to incorporate other sports into her life and expand her social circle. After a few golf lessons and meeting members of WGANJ she realized this was for her. She began to volunteer at individual events and in 2023 Cindy became more involved with planning /organizing side of events. This year she looks forward to growing her role and responsibilities as a director combining all the things she enjoys, golf, good friendships and entertaining. 

Cindy has been a practicing gynecologist in Bergen County for over 30 years and is owner/director of a Woman's Wellness Center in Montvale. When not working or playing golf she also enjoy Pickleball, Barre and spending time with her family. 

Bridget Cassidy

Director of Events

Peggy O'Flynn

Education Director

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