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The Directors

Danielle Richards,

Board Secretary

is a co-captain of a general league and Board Secretary, but most of all values the friends she has made since joining WGANJ in 2016.  She is the owner of Danielle Richards Photography, LLC,  specializing in event and portrait photography, and is a licensed drone pilot.  She is also the founder of Bestie Booth, which provides photo booths for corporate and private events.

Pat Schumacher

Membership Director

Pat Schumacher has been a pre-school teacher for 12 years at Lindgren nursery school in Closter NJ.

Pat joined WGANJ 2018 and quickly involved herself in the organization.  Pat started as a captain of her league, joined the Board of Directors as Board Secretary and is now Membership Director.

Rose Barnabic,
Leagues Director

Rose Barnabic was introduced to golf by her mom as a young adult but put it aside while she raised her three boys.  She has worked in financial services for 35 years. In 2020 she joined WGANJ.  Responding to a request for volunteers Rose became involved with the Leagues Committee and builds and maintains spreadsheets to track event specifics.  Being a part of WGANJ has allowed her to meet many local women who play golf.  She’s also convinced her sons to take up golf and enjoys any opportunity to play with them. 

Nina M. Luppino

Marketing Director 

Nina joined WGANJ in 2019 and became immersed in golf the game and the organization. 

As a golfer new to the game, Nina first collaborated with the Education Committee to expand programs for beginner golfers and shortly after, she was appointed to the Board.

Nina's real talent lies in engaging members and potential members to introduce them to WGANJ.  In 2022, Nina moved to the Marketing Committee to put those talents to use. 

She enjoys practicing reformer Pilates, spinning, meditation and mindfulness.

Nina hopes to inspire members to embrace the gift of a beginners mindset as a foundational pillar for the journey of mastery, on and off the course.

Christa Breen

Director of Handicaps & Captains

Christa has been an active WGANJ member since 2014.  She previously held the position of Recording  Secretary  for the Board and  is now the Director of Handicaps & Captains.


Anne Hurler,
Logistics & Asset Management Director

Anne works in the financial services industry in corporate risk governance. She joined WGANJ in 2015 to meet like-minded women who want to play golf in a supportive and fun environment. She is co-captain of a general league and serves the Board as Oversight Director.

“I am grateful to WGANJ for providing a foundation on which I have grown as a golfer and made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.”

Susan Amdur-Coburn

Communications Director

Sue has been a member of WGANJ since 2016 when she decided to look for more opportunities to play golf. She started out by joining one of the golf leagues, which turned out to be a great experience. Sue decided to volunteer with the WGANJ Board in order to give back to the organization and serves in the role as Communications Director. Sue owns her own business providing operations and administrative support to small businesses. Aside from golf, Sue enjoys gardening and playing pickleball.

Jane Litwinka,
Member Database Director

Jane is currently enjoying retirement.  Previously she worked for Honeywell for over 38 years most recently in the position of Information Technology Project Manager. She moved from Bergen County to West Milford, NJ in 2004 to live on a small lake. Jane has been a member of WGANJ since its inception and has served on the board since 2007. She is Co-Captain of the WGANJ Monday league at Bowling Green.

WGANJ is a great place to meet new friends and have fun!

Joanna Castellano,
Website/App Director

Joanna joined WGANJ in 2020 to meet other women golfers and have the opportunity to explore new courses. Despite the late start of the season, both of these goals were reached with several new golf friends and new courses played.

Knowing what it takes people to have an organization run smoothly, Joanna is volunteering to help with the website.

Having spent 40 years as an Electrical Engineer in the telecommunications field she now keeps busy with yoga, pottery, gardening, skiing, recently knitting, and of course, golf.

Tara Berberich,

Hospitality Director

Tara retired in 2015. She enjoys her summer garden and playing with her two adorable puppies.  She has played golf on and off most of her life, but it wasn't until her late husband wanted to learn that she really started playing more and more. 

Tara joined WGANJ  in 2014 with her cousin. She went to a spring event at the Players Club and met two lovely ladies who played at the Meadows on Tuesday nights. She enjoyed talking to them so much that she joined their league. She is now the Co-Captain of that league, which now plays at Sunset Valley in Morris County. 

Cheryl Schwartz,

Correspondence  Director 

Cheryl joined WGANJ in June 2017 and is now the Correspondence Director. She was the  Captain for a Monday Night Advanced Beginner League in Paramus. She worked for KPMG as a Sr. Administrative Assistant in the Global Mobility Service Group. She has been married to Steve for 30+ years and they love playing golf together!

Peggy Turpan,

Volunteer Director

Peggy has been a member of WGANJ since 2011, working her way up from the beginner's league to the general league. She is the proud mom of 3 grown sons. In addition to working part-time, she spends her time volunteering for organizations dear to her heart.. She is a weekly volunteer at Eva's Kitchen and organizes a monthly dinner for residents living with Aids through NJ Buddies. In 2020, she started working with Habitat for Humanity and Meals on Wheels. 

Attachments area

Pat FitzSimons,

Finance Director

Pat joined WGANJ in 2021 to play golf regularly, meet other women golfers in the area and to just have fun playing.  She quickly found out the WGANJ offered so much more than a day a week on the course. It is an Association that provides women with the opportunity to increase their skills, play within their comfort level and gain friendships that span beyond the course. Once Pat found out that all of this was done by volunteers, she started volunteering at events immediately. In 2022, Pat was asked to be part Finance Committee as Director of Finance. 

“Golf for me is all about challenging myself by playing different courses, meeting and getting to know new people, trying to stay positive with a frustrating game and having fun in the process”. 

Linda Davidson,

WGANJ Store Director

Linda  is a Registered  Nurse and currently  works for Atlantic   Health  Systems. Linda has  twin daughters  that she enjoys hiking and being outdoors with. Linda joined WGANJ in 2013 and played in the Thursday  night  league  in Paramus.  For the last several years Linda had been  a member of the weekend  travel league.  Through  WGANJ  Linda  has met new friends to play  golf with and  enjoyed  many of the Spring and Fall  WGANJ trips. 

Denise Colaitis,

Club Loaner/Other

Denise Colaitis was introduced to golf by her two sons, who took her to the driving range one day for fun!  She enjoyed it so much, she joined WGANJ in 2018 to learn the sport and meet other women who share the same interest.   Responding to a request Denise became involved in the club loaner program for new golfers.   She works in the financial end of the fashion industry for over 35 years.    Being involved in WGANJ has offered the opportunity to meet other golfers, make new friends and be involved in an sport she loves, she even convinced some friends to take up golf and now they are members as well!

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