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WGANJ Gift Card

  • 01 Jan 2024
  • 31 Dec 2999
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(depends on selected options)

Base fee:


Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or another member? How about a WGANJ Virtual Gift Card?

Purchase a card in one of the available denominations, pay on-line through WGANJ with your credit card and that amount will be applied to the member account selected for the next registered event/purchase made. It can be used toward a membership for the coming year, event or even a WGANJ store purchase! Never expires! How much easier can it be?

Card Values from $25 to $250

There is no expiration date to your purchase and it will be used for the next registered WGANJ sponsored event/store purchase. 

Let your friends, spouse or co-workers know what you really would love to have. And share the excitement of WGANJ with others!

 Give the gift of golf. You will be happy you did.


Payment can be made on a credit card or by check. No refunds will be given. Never expires.

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