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The Officers

BethAnn Iapicco,

As President of WGANJ since 2012, BethAnn encourages women to become involved in leagues and events that the organization offers. Starting as a volunteer in 2010, she assumed the position of Programs Officer in 2011, coordinating leagues, events and education. BethAnn has been captain of leagues since 2009 and enjoys playing with all levels of golfers.  She expects WGANJ to offer exciting opportunities for women golfers in 2018 and is proud to be a part of the WGANJ Board of Directors. 

Her advice:  "Play with golfers who are better than you; it will challenge you and you’ll learn something new each time."

Valerie Oakes-Locascio,

Vice President

Formerly a commercial banker special-izing in trade finance, her interest in golf started at the urging of her husband, John, who was an avid golfer. Rather than become a golf widow, she sought an organization where she could find golfing buddies and at the same time improve her game. WGANJ fit the bill.

Mary Ann Betz,
Marketing & Sponsorship Officer

MaryAnn joined WGANJ in 2015 at the Galloping Hills Golf Course and quickly immersed herself into the organization by joining the Marketing/Sponsorship team. MaryAnn's sponsorship efforts have helped WGANJ to subsidize events for members.  She enjoys golfing at various courses with a variety of partners as a way to develop her game and improve her ability. 

Kerri Donnelly,
Logistics Officer

Kerri has been a member of WGANJ since 2008 and has been on the Board since 2009 in Leagues, Events and the WGANJ Store, Membership and is now in her fourth Board position as Logistics Officer.

"Our team makes sure that we have what you want when you want it. Our programs set us apart from other golf organizations. Where else can you borrow clubs to get started, decide at noon you want to play golf at 4, and earn a pin for your accomplishments? "

Kathleen Mullally,
Events and WGANJ Store 


At the urging of a friend, Kathy went to a driving range to whack some balls and relieve some stress, and it worked!  She joined the WGANJ Advanced Beginner league in 2018, the general league the following season and was recruited to join the Events Team that same year.  Kathy is a retired vice president of a New York City financial services company.  

“The wonderful women and great opportunities to learn are what I really value as a member of this organization.  And there’s always plenty of fun!”

Diane Pineda,
Finance Officer

Diane is a senior accountant at KRS CPAs LLC in Paramus NJ.She enjoys spending time outdoors, running, hiking, and traveling. She was inspired by one of the Partners at KRS to try golf and after attending a women's golf outing together she was hooked. She joined WGANJ back in August of 2017 with hopes to learn more about the game and develop her skills.

Juliet Sisti,
Leagues and Education Officer

Juliet has been a member of WGANJ since its inception. She has served on the Executive Council in several positions, including Co-Chairperson, Director and Chairperson of Education and Instruction. In 2018 Juliet expects to build the education program to a level unmatched by other golf organizations around. In 2021 Juliet and her directors are looking forward to expand the Education Programs and League Offerings to a level unmatched by other golf organizations in the area.


Karen Mazowiecki,
Operations Officer

Karen works at GAF as their Data Governance Sr. Manager. She joined WGANJ in 2015 in the advanced beginner league. In 2017 she became the co-captain of a general league. Realizing what a great organization WGANJ is and enjoying the game of golf, Karen volunteered as the Communications Director for 2018. Any spare time after golf, work and family goes to yoga and bicycling.
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